Thursday, 21 August 2014

Restoring Outlook Emails from an OST after Deleting the Mailbox

In scenarios where mailbox on Exchange Server is deleted, OST file becomes orphaned and inaccessible. Converting OST file to PST file format is a solution that users can adopt in order to restore lost data from OST file.
OST file is popularly defined as replica of Exchange Server mailbox that is stored on local machine. It is a data file of MS Outlook that gets created when it is configured with Exchange Server. The OST file saved locally and the mailbox on Exchange Server shares a parent-child relationship. As the child is orphaned without its parents, an OST file is also tagged as orphaned or become un-usable if its connection with the mailbox gets broken.

It is always considered that OST files are a savior in situations when there is any harm to the mailbox on Server. For example: If the user-mail-account gets deleted from Server, the data still resides in the OST file and can be recovered from it.

But there is a bitter truth that many of the users are unaware about! In situations when a mailbox gets deleted from Server, the OST file becomes inaccessible. So how will the lost mailbox be recovered from the offline storage file in Outlook?

The answer to this unusual and complicated query is OST to PST conversion. Now, many of you might be thinking of using the Import-Export wizard of Outlook that gives facility to save OST into PST. Unfortunately, this won’t work if connectivity between the mailbox and OST file is broken. So, what is the solution now?

The good news is there are tools available that can help to convert an orphaned OST file into PST file format but with a little investment. These conversion tools when save mailbox data into PST can help in recovery after which the resultant PST file can be imported to new mailbox. Software also provides a way to convert OST messages to Office 365 account. Although OST conversion simplify the job of recovery but finding an appropriate tool is a tough job!

Here are some tips shared that can help in selection of a relevant tool to restore emails from OST after mailbox deletion from Exchange Server:
  • Brand and its goodwill in the market matters. Adopt a brand that has been entrusted for years and have is recommended in expert reviews.
  • The tools will be available with their demo versions on official websites. Download them and test them for quality and features required.
  • Always read about the product on official website and properly read about terms and conditions for refund policy.
Getting a right product for recovery is important in order to ensure that complete data is recovered from OST file. Analyze features of the tool, its potential, and then only make your valuable investment in it.
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