Give the right information about OST and PST file. Benefit, differences and other aspects of Outlook OST and PST file.

Restoring Outlook Emails from an OST after Deleting the Mailbox

OST to PST Conversion process easily get emails after deleting the mailbox

How to get Outlook emails from OST file?

By use of third party email recovery solution or manually method Outlook client can easily restore Outlook emails from damage or unreadable OST file.

OST to PST Conversion Process

It is a modern technique which can easily repair orphan OST file as well as convert an offline OST file into PST file.

Outlook Oversized OST File Problem

I would like to suggest useful tool to easily split oversized OST file.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

How to Resolve Problem and Error in MS Exchange OST Files

When MS Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server works integrated and due to any reason connectivity with Exchange gets lost, in such case OST files are created in MS Outlook. These OST files permits users to work on Outlook when internet connection is lost or in slow mode. As soon as connection with Exchange server is gained, OST files gets automatically updated in Exchange account of user.

Sometimes queries like ‘how to resolve problem and error in MS Exchange OST files’ are seen amongst users when OST files gets corrupt or displays error message. Read this underlying section to check solution for same query and make OST files data accessible in MS Outlook. 

Have you ever encountered error like ‘Cannot open your default email folders, The OST file is not an offline file’ while opening Outlook? If yes then, don’t worry you will not lose you data. This error message might appear in following two circumstances:

  • Either OST file is gets damaged and is not recognized by MS Outlook.
  • Or if Microsoft Outlook fails to synchronized with Exchange mailbox offline folder.
This segment is all about resolving user queries like how to resolve problem and error in MS Exchange OST files with manual as well as commercial solutions like OST Converter tool.

Users should have an idea about how OST file gets corrupt or inaccessible so that resolution for the same can be find out accordingly and fixed for unwanted data loss. Now let’s have look at the scenarios into which OST file can get corrupt. The first reason for OST file corruption can be oversizing, if OST file grows beyond its fixed size limit, then it goes in inaccessible mode. The second and most common reason for OST file corruption can be virus or bugs in OST files. These virus systems damage the whole integrity of OST files and make all of its contents unreadable.

Some users get exhausted and find themselves as warrior without any help. But we would like to tell you that don’t be panic, your OST file data can be recovered using professional tools. There are online numerous organization’s those are dealing with OST recovery solutions.

Those users are not interested in externals tools can take beneficial help from manual procedure provided by Microsoft itself. OST Integrity Check tool is free utility offered by Microsoft to repair OST file issues. But as limitation, it only performs basic level of scanning and only helps to restore OST file structure. If there are severe issues with OST files, then it is recommended to use third party solutions like OST recovery tool so that complete data can be recovered from corrupt or damaged OST file.          

OST Recovery tool is most trusted tool amongst users that help to extract complete mailbox data from inaccessible, corrupt or damaged OST files. The self-instructed steps of tool are easily operable even by non-technical users which are an attractive part of this tool. Demo version is provided to check the performance of tool before investing in full version of OST Recovery tool. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

How to Open OST File in Outlook 2013

How to Open OST File in Outlook 2013 after Error Emergence?
  • Are you using Outlook 2013?
  • Are you working in an Exchange server set up conjugated with Outlook 2013 application at the client side systems?
  • Are you troubled with OST file corruption?
  • Are you facing error that says – “Cannot open your default email folders. The file xxxx.ost is not an offline folder file.” where 'xxxx.ost' denotes the name of the OST file that was created by your Outlook program while you were working with your MS Exchange mailbox in the offline mode. 
  • Are you enabling to read Outlook emails at the downtime Exchange Server due to corruption of OST file?
Reasons Responsible 
More often than not, there always are 2 major reasons responsible for popping up such an error, which as explained as below:
  • Either your offline folder file of Outlook, the OST file, is corrupted or destroyed somehow and therefore it cannot be recognized by your MS Outlook program, and which is why Outlook is reporting such type of an error.
  • Or your OST file has been associated with some mailbox on the server and for certain reasons, Outlook is unable to access that mailbox or it is not able to start with the synchronization process for the mailbox with your offline folders in that OST file, and thus it reports such an error.
Why It Happens?
This might happen due to any of following follies at your end: 
  • In the Outlook email program, you might not have set the email account for getting an access to the MS Exchange mailbox correctly
  • In your Outlook email application, you might have deleted your email account for your MS Exchange mailbox
  • In the Exchange server, your mailbox or your email account for the server mailbox has been somehow disabled or completely deleted by your admin
  • There might be some communication problems between Outlook and Exchange
  • You probably do not have any Exchange server email account or mailbox at all. Or your Exchange server email account is based on IMAP, POP3, HTTP or any different email servers which are other than the Exchange server but by mistake you might have set your email account for Exchange-based server
How to Open OST File in Outlook 2013?
Use respectable, ultra-special, super-hi-tech, multi-faceted OST to PST Recovery tool to open OST file in Outlook 2013. This tool works even for severely corrupted files.