Monday, 25 August 2014

Quickly Recover OST Data When Mailbox Has Been Deleted

Problems might be cliché but in fact solutions are also not that tough to find. A careless folly where your Exchange mailbox gets deleted from the mail system, you can quickly recover OST data using a good third-party tool.
Solving the Matter 
Overlooking an issue means to just aggravate it further, the real game is to overcome it by finding a good solution. If you have somehow deleted the mailbox of a user from your Exchange parent database, then you must immediately look for a solution to quickly recover OST data of that user, even if you have to go overboard for it. After all, an employee of your office staff should not suffer and bear consequences due to a mistake done by an IT staff member. Ringing the bell of the senior management is like inviting more trouble. If, however, you find a solution all by yourself and deal with the issue on a personal level, though keeping the senior management informed about your move and actions, then you can avert the upcoming dishonor. Find a solution and keep them informed that you are using one to recover OST data after the mailbox was deleted mistakenly. If you succeed in your effort, which is quite likely, then you are sure to find yourself some appreciation, praise and admiration.

Generating a league of performance oriented designs, this vendor has supplied numerous such tools that are nothing but sheer delight to use and deploy. One of theirs tools is the OST Recovery one that helps to recover OST data.

Mistake Are Commonplace - So Don't Bother!
At times, when you are too busy with the work and so much is there on your mind, you tend to lose the flow of work and are most likely to make mistakes that account for some loss later. This is also a common mistake that usually happens while to work over the Exchange mailboxes. You sometimes, mistakenly delete a user's mailbox whose account was not intended to be deleted. This can happen in the case of any employees leaving the organization and while deleting their accounts from the parent database, you mistakenly delete the mailbox of a user still working in the organization. He is surely at loss then! But, if you can find a solution quickly to deal with the issue without much delay, then it won't cause much loss to his work. But the question now is to find a solution for this problem. The best solution can come in the form of a third-party tool and there are plenty of them easily available online. Below mentioned is a recommended one for this purpose.

OST Recovery Tool - It is a famous tool that most users have trusted and used to speedily recover OST data after mailbox deletion. Most types of issues with the OST file data loss are dealt easily with this tool, whether it is the issue of OST file corruption or the issue of storage space limitation or mount-dismount problem or any other. In all such cases where OST is either corrupt or unusable or unworkable, this software works and helps users to export OST to PST data by extracting the email data material from OST file mailbox.


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