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OST to PST Converter Solution to Restore Emails from OST File

Introduction of OST file - The Microsoft OST file is an acronym for Offline Storage Table. OST file is a local copy of the Exchange Database file on a user’s computer. OST file allows user to work with Outlook in offline mode even when the connection to the Exchange server is not available. You can create new email messages, save them in draft, read or delete existing mails etc. When the server is connected and Outlook turns online, whatever changes you have made to the OST file gets automatically synchronized with Exchange server. OST files are extremely useful option where the network is unreliable or limited.

How OST file get corrupted?
The OST file gets corrupted due to various reasons like virus attack, the server crashes, false operation, mal functions etc. When the file is corrupted or damaged the data within that file is inaccessible and whenever you try to open it error messages are displayed. To handle all such corruption problems users require to move their all data from OST file to Outlook PST file. After OST to PST conversion all your email messages, calendar, task, contacts, etc. can be opened in Microsoft Outlook.

Trusted Solution to alter damaged Exchange OST file into Microsoft Outlook PST file format that is OST to PST converter.
OST to PST converter is an advanced utility that converts the corrupted OST file into the corresponding PST file and enables the user to regain their all email messages, calendar entries, contacts, journals etc. OST to PST converter tool supports all Microsoft Outlook versions, including 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000 and software efficiently converts the OST file into PST file.
Key Features of OST to PST converter: -
 Migrate OST to PST - OST to PST converter allows user to regain all permanently deleted data from OST file such as deleted email messages, contacts, tasks, calendars etc. This tool allows the users to convert OST to PST and OST to MSG and EML file format.
Export all selected mail data - Select emails or items from the recovered OST file and click Export. You can also export whole data at a same time.
Preview all the data with item count -After the process of OST recovery, it  creates an instant preview of all OST file components such as Email messages, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, etc., with its item count.
Preserve the Folder Structure - OST to PST converter do not change the internal folder structure of OST file during the conversion of OST to PST file. There will be no changes done in the internal hierarchy of the OST files or folder.
Support different Export Opinions - After recovery of OST file, user can convert the OST file into PST or EML or MSG format. Each of these file formats are used by different Email Client such as: Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.
Multiple Naming Options - If you convert OST file into .EML or .MSG file format then OST to PST converter provide the option to save your emails by different naming options.
Receive Export Report generated by software - When recovery process is complete, Export report will get generated automatically by software. The report will contain the name of the new folder and location of saved files. User can also save this export report in .csv file format.
Scanning process of OST file - In OST to PST converter two scanning modes are available i.e. Quick scan and Advance scan. Quick scan is used to recover less corrupted OST file where as Advance scan is used to recover highly corrupted OST file.
Preserve meta Data - OST to PST converter maintain the Meta parameters such as ‘To’, ‘CC’, ‘Bcc’, ‘From’, ‘Subject’ and ‘Date’. The original formatting of all items remains same.
Export only selected Folder - OST to PST converter export only selected file or folder and convert it into .PST or .EML or .MSG format.
Use OST mail filter - Mail filter allows user to export emails of particular time interval. Thus, user can save all email or items within these date ranges. User can use a mail filter for all file types such as PST, MSG, or EML.
Split PST file by size - In OST to PST converter tool user can apply PST split option; it breaks the PST file into multiple parts of the same size. The size of the PST file will be in GB. 
Outlook support required - For OST to PST conversion Microsoft Outlook installation is required. It supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook from 2003 to 2013.

All organizations require the Exchange Server environment for the smooth communication procedure. The EDB file in Microsoft Exchange store user valuable data on the server. The exact replica of the user data is created in the client system as the OST file. Most of the time OST file is referred as the backup copies of user data. But sometimes these OST files get corrupt and turn unusable to the user. To overcome such problem user require moving all their data from OST to PST file. OST to PST converter efficiently convert Exchange OST into Outlook PST with entire OST mailbox items like email messages, calendar, tasks, journals, etc. User can also convert OST file into EML and MSG file format. For OST to PST conversion Microsoft Outlook should be installed in the Computer.


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