Wednesday, 29 October 2014

OST File is not Accessible in MS Outlook – Find the Solution Here!

Tech experts certified by Microsoft Outlook, is delivering technical solutions based on customer needs. Among all such solutions, OST to PST Converter tool is a notable tool to recover OST files which are not accessible in Microsoft Outlook and convert it into PST\EML\MSG file formats. 

Microsoft Outlook supports all the features of Microsoft Exchange Server. When a user adds an account of Exchange Server to be configured with its Outlook profile, then all the data from the mailbox are in sync with the Outlook profile. This is known as synchronization of OST files with the Microsoft Exchange Server.
One of the benefits of this feature is that it allows the user to extract OST files in offline conditions, even when the Outlook profile is not connected to Exchange server. But sometimes the synchronization feature of Outlook fails and OST files can’t accessible in MS Outlook. This breakage in connection between the client and Server leaves the OST file in an inaccessible state.

Occurrence of Orphaned OST Files
Orphaned OST file is a state where the Microsoft Exchange Server fails to recognize or associate the OST file. This may be due to number of reasons which are as follows:
  • The synchronization process takes place with the help of an encryption key. If this encryption key is misplaced or lost either from Mailbox or MAPI, then the synchronization fails and the OST files become orphaned.
  • Whenever there is a situation like a new Outlook profile is created or the current Outlook profile is edited then chances are there that the OST files might get orphaned
  • Hard –drive failures or sudden shut down of the Exchange server may lead to corruption of database and this will affect the corresponding OST files (they will get orphaned).
  • Break down of Outlook or any kind of interruption in the process of synchronization may lead to orphaned state of OST files.
Methods to Recover Orphaned OST files
Rebuilt OST files: Delete the local OST file and rebuild the OST files with Outlook from scratch when the connection between the Microsoft Exchange Server and the Outlook user’s profile is recreated .You can also rename the old OST file and then synchronize the renamed OST file with the Microsoft Exchange Server.

If there are no data in the Mailbox of the Exchange server or data is deleted from the Mailbox then recovery of OST files can be done with the help of third party solutions.

A Flexible Solution to Address the Requirements Of User
OST Recovery software is a professional tool to recover the orphaned state OST files and convert them into any of the file formats: EML/PST/MSG. A very good option is also available to export OST messages to Office 365 account. The software provides a unique way to recover OST to PST files that can’t be accessible in MS-Outlook.


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